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Ty Tojo is a Japanese-American juggler who holds numerous World Records, has appeared on "The Tonite Show" With Jay Leno, and is a first class professional performer. As Academy Award-Winner Ed Asner remarked, "Tojo's got the Mojo!"

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Juggling Records

Guinness World Record 5 ball back crosses 248 catches
World Record - 5 ball back crosses 386 throws
Guinness World Record - 7 ball back crosses 53 throws
Guinness World Records -7 Ball Backcrosses - 75 throws
World Record 7 ball backcrosses - 91-throws
Surpassed 2,500 professional performances at age 15!

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2013-2014 Big Apple "Luminocity"

2012 - Wallenda Family Circus



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